What to do in case of Health Emergency in Shanghai?

In case of Medical Emergency &  Urgent Care Injury in Shanghai 

(Disclaimer: The information provided is only for general guidance due to the confusion that can occur when being an ex-pat in China. The preparation to be self-reliant and comfortable in a medical emergency in Shanghai can be crucial when the situation occurs.)

Familiarize yourself with Local Emergency Services

Ambulance – 120
Fire – 119
Police – 110
Note: Very few people in China are trained in first aid or emergency care – There is also No Good Samaritan law to protect people who try to help.

Ambulance –  120

  • Glorified taxi
  • Does not provide any medical treatment
    • NO IV, Oxygen, Morphine etc.
  • MUST PAY 120 RMB first (Cash on Hand)
  • Speaks limited English or None
  • Dispatch time > 10 minutes, varies widely

WHEN TO CALL an Ambulance?

  • Victim unable to walk or too large to be carried easily
  • Suspect Head/Spinal Cord Injury
  • Heart Attack in an adult
  • If you are doing CPR and need a crew to take over from you in order to move the patient to the hospital

OR ELSE often times a car/taxi is the best and fastest option to reach the nearest hospital

Hospitals will require payment first, have cash or payment ready.


If life or death emergency, go to nearest local hospital.

**BEST OPTION**  Shanghai United Family Hospital
Private western hospital with 24 hour urgent care. Mostly western Emergency Room doctors. Located in Changning District. Emergency Number: 2216-3999

-Ruijin Hospital
French Concession Area. Shanghai Guangci Memorial Hospital is foreigners’ hospital within Ruijin.

-Huashan Hospital
12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu,
near Huashan Lu

Other Important Numbers
Shanghai Help Line (free translation line run by city): 962288


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