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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Dr. Zhao's specialty is post-operative rehabilitation. He uses the most state of the art protocols. These more effective protocols typically start motion and therapy weeks or even months earlier than traditional "old" school methods. This means you recovery faster AND stronger. Imagine being out of a cast or off crutches a few weeks or months sooner than traditional methods. Your body will thank you for it!

Many of our patents are seen immediately following surgery to getajump start on recovery and prevent complications.

The expertise of knowing when to start movement and how to progress each step without risking re-injury is crucial to a quick recovery. Under the careful guidance of Dr. Zhao, a wide range of exercises and treatments will be tailored to meet your specific needs and help you reach optimal recovery!

Unfortunately, the traditional Chinese post-operative concept is "Injury of bones and tendons takes 100 days to rest". This "bed rest" and long-term casting of the joint leads to delayed physical rehabilitation. At this point, the muscles have atrophied, the joint stiffened from scar tissue adhesions. This leads to months of years of deficits, possibly not being able to walk or bend your joint normally. More serious medical complications of blood clots, blood circulation and neurological disorders can also arise from long-term casting. Don't let this happen to you!

Most orthopedic surgeons believe that physical rehabilitation is an integral part of successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a disorder, or follows a surgical procedure to enhance the healing process. Dr. Zhao, often in collaboration with your surgeon, will create a post-operative rehabilitation plan to ensure the best surgical outcomes!

Typical post-surgery treatment plan will include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to increase strength, range of motion and flexibility
  • Therapeutic activities to restore functional movement and ability
  • Neuromuscular re-education to improve balance and posture
  • Manual therapy techniques to improve joint and soft tissue mobility
Pre-Operative Rehabilitation Shanghai

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation:

Physical Therapy is frequently prescribed after surgery to address concerns about pain, mobility, flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Beginning the process prior to surgery can help expedite your recovery. We will recommend a plan of care and create a customized treatment program to meet your specific pre- and post-surgery needs.

  • Ensure maximal strength gains and range of motion after surgery
  • Improve comfort level after surgery
  • Restore previous level of function
  • Have experts monitor and review your progress
  • Decrease recovery time and complications after surgery
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