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Physical Therapy

Do you have pain or stiffness that affects your daily activities, sports and lifestyle?

What can a Physical Therapist do for you?

A physical or physiotherapist is your perfect partner in health. Physical therapy can help you live without pain or stiffness and achieve motion and strength in any body part. Used as the primary treatment, proper physical therapy can help you avoid surgery and return to an active lifestyle. After surgery, physical therapy is an essential step in recovery. Dr. Zhao uses the latest techniques and evidence-based protocols, allowing patients to return to everyday life and recreational activities safely and as quickly as possible. Physical therapists can get you moving and enjoying life again, using scientifically-based treatment techniques that focus on restoring function, reducing pain, and preventing injury.

The difference between living with pain and really living without it

  • Reduce pain without medication
  • Treat the source not just the symptoms
  • Injury Prevention – stop the injury before it happens

DR Zhao Works With

Whether you participate in recreational athletics or exercise to stay healthy, you can count on the same expert, personalized care that Dr. Zhao provides for these professional sports and olympic teams.
Dr Zhao - Physical Therapist Shanghai

Dr. Zhao’s philosophy for physical therapy is simple:

“Every one of my patients can return to activity stronger, fitter and more confident than before their injury.“

His specialties include post-operative and sports medicine physiotherapy for patients of all ages, shapes and sizes. Dr. Zhao developed his expertise by training alongside the top doctors in the world. He has extensive experience working with the orthopedic surgeons from Andrews Sports Medicine and Steadman Clinics, arguably the two top sports medicine clinics in the USA. Dr. Zhao was also involved with EXOS and Athlete’s Performance sports performance centers, where he helped prepare and train NFL, NBA, MLB and Olympic athletes. These centers are at the forefront of pioneering sports medicine research leading to the most effective treatment methods.


  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Board Certified - sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of California San Francisco, USA
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), USA
  • Titelist Performance Institute Certified Golf Expert

Dr Zhao Shanghai China

In China, Dr. Zhao began in Shanghai serving as director of rehabilitation at an international orthopedic sports medicine clinic. He was heavily involved in creating one of the first outpatient rehabilitation centers in China. In 2014, he was recruited to Global Health Care to jumpstart their sports medicine and physiotherapy departments. His western experience and Chinese heritage shaped a unique east-meets-west approach to rehabilitation. He also understands the importance of integrating cultural values and family traditions in order to most effectively treating painful injuries and encourage compliance with lengthy rehabilitation plans.

As one of the few physiotherapists working in Shanghai, Dr. Zhao soon recognized many of the most successful sports and rehabilitation operative and non-operative treatment methods, which he commonly used in the USA, were not being utilized here in China. He realized he could bring to China these latest western technologies and treatment methods to improve outcomes and get patients back to competition or work faster!

Through providing the most up to date, evidence based, optimal outcome treatment methods, Dr. Zhao aspires to provide trusted, world class physiotherapy and sports medicine to Shanghai and the expat community.

Dr. Zhao has served on the medical staff for many international, collegiate and professional sporting events. He is currently a rehabilitation consultant for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association and China National Women’s Volleyball.

Furthermore, teaching has been an important and rewarding aspect of Dr. Zhao’s clinical experience. He currently lectures around China and internationally. Most often he is speaking at local Chinese hospitals and conferences, where he collaborates with doctors to improve the orthopedic and physical rehabilitation quality in China. Dr. Zhao has given lectures at the prestigious Beijing 301 Military Hospital and Beijing Sports University. He also serves as a speaker and educator with the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM).

DR Zhao Certification

Dr.Zhao only works with the best specialists, clinics, and sports medicine providers including those affiliated with: UCSF, Andrews Sports, Steadman Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Athletics, DJO, Thera-band, KT Tape, MyCoreRehab.com
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