Physical Therapy Shanghai

Better care, Better outcomes
Prescribing motion to empower patients to move at the speed of life!
Physical Therapy Shanghai

Internationally Recognized Expert

Advanced Clinic
Most advanced and up to date tests, protocols and physiotherapy techniques.

Treat the cause not just the symptoms
Receive a precise evaluation and diagnosis in order to find out what’s causing your pain.

Evidence based practice treatment methods
to give you the most successful outcomes and ability to recover faster.

Physical Therapy Shanghai

Personalized Care

Being in China many years, Dr. Zhao has a large outer network to help recommend the best doctor that fits your needs.

Quality Time
Dr. Zhao listens to your questions and spends the time to explain and educate you on your diagnosis, prognosis and rehabilitation timeline

Tailored individual programs
to achieve YOUR goals. Every patient and body is different.

Physical Therapy Shanghai

Central Location

Flexible Scheduling that Fits your Schedule
Open Weekends and for Same Day Appointments.

Convenient Location
100m from Jing’An Temple Line 2/7 Station.

Responsive and Reliable
Dr. Zhao is available to contact instantly at all times by Wechat and email.

Start to Finish
Complete care and follow up. Roger lives and practices full time in Shanghai. He will be there from day one to your last consultation visit.

Dr Zhao - Physical Therapy Shanghai

About Dr. Zhao

Born and raised in California, Dr. Roger Zhao, DPT, CSCS is an APTA American Board-Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is a graduate from the University of California, San Francisco physical therapy program and received his undergraduate degree in physiological science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is a native English speaker and fluent in Mandarin. His specialties include post-operative and sports medicine physiotherapy for patients of all ages, shapes and sizes. Roger's patients have included NBA, NFL, professional and Olympic athletes from around the world.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist
  • APTA American Board Certified
  • Reputable - Trusted name in the Shanghai and International community
  • Ethical Practice focused on honesty and integrity
  • Safe and Conservative Care is the priority

My Services

Dr Zhao has built a heritage of services that makes you feel like family
He offers the following therapies at the highest possible levels of care.

Sports Medicine

specialized training in the rehabilitation and prevention of sports-related illness and injury.

Back and Neck Pain

Conservative treatment of the spine including herniated disc, spinal stenosis, nerve pain (radiculopathy), sciatica, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.

Athletic Performance

Strength and conditioning, integrated performance training, and physical therapy helping elite athletes achieve greater speed, strength and success.

Dr Zhao Physical Therapy Photos

Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Using state of the art protocols to quickly and safely return to your everyday activities after surgery

Orthopedic Accidents and Trauma

Musculoskeletal expert in shoulder, knee, foot & ankle, elbow, wrist and hip pain injuries.

Muscle, tendon, ligament Injuries

Contusions, Bruises, Muscle Strains, Ankle Sprains, bursitis, swelling, and Tendinitis

Work-Related Injuries

Repetitive Stress, Posture, Neck and Back pain, Carpal Tunnel...


Dr Zhao Gallery

  • Manny Pacquiao - World Champion Boxer
  • China Women's Olympic Volleyball Team
  • Women's National Volleyball team Coach Lang Ping
  • Hui Ruo Qi - Team Captain, Middle Blocker
  • China National Volleyball Team players
  • Leading Injury Prevention Warm-Up for Professional Volleyball Team
  • Wang Yimei - Outsider Hitter - China Women's Volleyball
  • Plane crash passengers of Asiana flight 214

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